Cancellations, Returns & Alterations

In accordance to customer's preferences, every product is 100% tailor-made and handcrafted by expert individuals. Hence, we DO NOT accept returns for any other reason, except for production error.

In the case of a production error, the customer is required to take and upload a picture of him/her wearing the product displaying the error and email this information to In the case of a measurement error, we require pictures showing the measurements that are wrong or the areas, which the customer feels does not fit him/her well (holding a measurement tape, showing the measurements). If your request for return is accepted, you will be notified immediately.

The first time a customer orders any custom-made product; there is a chance that the fit would not be perfect. Minor alteration of the product or size adjustment might be necessary. Incorrect measuring does not qualify as production error.

Slight differences in shades of a product of the same fabric (due to variations in the dying process) are possible.

Since your garment is handmade and not machine-made, slight variations in the fit of two finished shirts produced with the same body measurements may occur, but are generally not noticeable.

Once an order is placed online, it is processed immediately and the production process is commenced instantly. Please note that cancellation of orders is thus not possible after the transaction is completed.

For large quantities of shirt orders, there is a possibility of a slight difference of 0.5 to 1 inch in the measurements. As this is tailor made production, each shirt ordered is cut and made individually, unlike ready-made mass-production.

If you select 'Body Size' option, please note that the final product you receive will always have some addition/ease added onto your chest, waist and hips measurements. This is a standard practice for tailors worldwide as it is necessary to have some addition/ease in order for the shirts to fit you comfortably with movement. The addition/ease range is from 2-6 inches, depending on body types and fit selections.

For Shoulder measurements, there might be a need to subtract to give a proportion for matching the chest and to make the pattern proportionate for each individual.

In case of any alterations (approved by the Aussie Shirt Company), customers are required to pay for all costs associated with having the product shipped back to the Aussie Shirt Company. We suggest that all deliveries be returned by your local/national airmail (small packet) service, as it is the most economical way to ship the product back. Please also mark the invoice value as zero and indicate that the goods are for alteration purposes only.

Any additional measurements or style detail, and/or alterations to measurements and style details must be sent in to via email within 24 hours of order placement. Please note that we only store the original submitted measurements in our database, so additional measurements or style details or alterations to measurements and style details should be sent via email within 24 hours for all consequent orders as well.

Garments re-ordered or re-made at a different date from the original, order may differ in colour shades as each fabric lot and fabric roll is milled separately.

Confirmation emails of purchase will always be sent to the email provided upon completion of order placement. Customers are kindly requested to check that emails from our company are not marked as junk or Spam. Customers are also kindly requested to contact ,if they do not receive the emails due to unforeseen technical glitches.

Products ordered cannot be cancelled, unless filed within 24 hours. All products will be shipped to the delivery address as the company will not cancel, hold or store any order and product once produced.

As an act of goodwill, customer service and search for excellence, the Aussie Shirt Company will inform customers if we suspect incorrect measurement submissions. However, we will not hold orders for more than 48 hours. Suspicion of incorrect measurement submissions also may cause delay in the delivery period.

Expedite charges depend on the tariffs charged by express courier services. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Payment for expedited or express delivery is exclusive of any custom fees that may incur.

The fabric colour descriptions seen on our website are solely intended for our brand. They do not correspond to other general descriptions of the colours mentioned by any other sources or brands.

Should there be a discrepancy in the invoice you receive, please email our customer service team and we will send you an updated official invoice.