Clears your doubts:

It’s only natural to have lots of questions popping up in your mind, when you have to shell out your hard earned money. On numerous occasions, we have encountered a barrage of questions that are frequently asked by people. So, we have compiled answers to those general queries. If you aren’t satisfied with what has been given here, just drop an email or call us to have your questions answered. We are extremely frank and cordial, and we will never, ever, disappoint you.

1) What kind of fabric do you use in your shirts?

The Aussie Shirt Company maintains stringent quality parameters regarding the fabric being used. We are simply a class apart from other vendors, because we use only 100% natural 2 ply cotton fibers sourced from reliable factories around the globe. And we never try to trick our customers by using polyester based fabrics.

2) How are your prices so affordable?

It’s because of this simple strategy – The Aussie Shirt Company has eliminated all the middle men, and has partnered with factories in Thailand, Hong Kong and India with over 300 employees, where all garments are hand-made and shipped directly to you.

3) Do you operate a sweat shop or employ child labor?

Not at all! We have very clear-cut policies, which ensure that only those who are of legal age to work as a professional in a factory or workshop under applicable laws and standards are employed. On the contrary, since we consider our work as a craft of perfection, many of the employees are over 50 years old as it requires lots of experience and serious dedication to create tailor-made shirts.

5) How long do I have to wait for my shirt?

All shirts are shipped from the factory where it is being prepared, using the postal service linked with renowned courier service providers, who have sufficient employee strength to cover your locality at extremely low costs. The Aussie Shirt Company asks for approximately three to four weeks for delivering it at your address. We maintain strict quality and integrity in whatever we do, and strive to make your shirt as perfect as possible. Haste is waste, so please have patience to own a masterpiece.

6) Is it difficult to take your own's size?

We have everything explained in our tutorial. Just have a look at it. Rest assured, it’s really easy to take measurements if you have another person with you. May be you should grab a friend or seek help from your partner, and follow the given instructions to the very point.

8) Do you have customer service or support?

Yes, please go to find Us for details. As for customers, the Aussie Shirt Company gives immense importance to your queries, along with providing the required support, and will always serve you with priority.

9) When I receive my shirts, the colors are slightly different from the 3D Designer. Is this normal?

Yes, it’s quite possible. Each monitor/screen has different resolutions, and there are chances that the colour may vary. But you can be sure that red will not become pink. Variations if any, in shading may be so subtle that it will require very rigorous inspection to detect them, if any.